Inventory Management

Inventory management is a set of processes within an organisation's supply chain management that oversees the control, tracking and storage of a business' finished product. Depending on the organisational type, a typical work flow will begin with the demand planning & forecasting function providing data models to assist a purchasing team's decisions. The inventory management function will digitally track and manage finished product and it's movements to and from the business sales channel.     

Obsolete & excess

The pace of technological advancements is shortening the product development, launch and lifecycle. We help our partners manage holdings risk through periodic and tactical sell-off to ensure minimisation of end of life holdings. 


asset recovery

Consumer electronic products that are used, damaged, returned or otherwise out of protocol quickly become a large resource drain as they require cataloguing, storage, liquidation and disposal.



Consumer brands are increasingly becoming global and as such product redistribution and brand capital have wide implications. We work with partners to navigate omni-channel strategies, minimise market disruption and protect branding.