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BUsiness solutions


Avoid the hassle of purchasing a range of products for your office setup, internal, or client specific project.

We tailor packages to meet business initiatives with agility and convenience. Overseeing the entire process from the beginning of product sourcing, pricing, assembling and then to the final end of delivery. We can implement adjustments if your business initiatives or project requirements change.

We have worked with businesses from industries including: real estate, building & construction, creative agencies, education and financial services.



When small businesses engage large vendors, often there isn't much negotiating room on smaller quantity orders.

We work with our members to identify key products that are of interest to the majority of the group. After accumulating a committed quantity baseline, we negotiate with our vendors for best price, terms and product bundling options.

The final product cost is calculated on the sum average of  CQP (committed quantity price) and UQP (unsecured quantity price). Each member's product cost will vary depending on their  allocated quantity across the two categories. 

managed services


Cashflow is a vital component to ensure the health of any business. We offer credit accounts to all our buying group members with discounts incentives if the event a member can make payment earlier than the credit period.

Apart of our managed services is the handling of freight, transit insurance, exchange and returns for our members. We keep the service simple, effective and convenient, allowing members to focus on their operations.